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DigiPub in India is promoted and managed by highly qualified tech-savvy entrepreneur, with experience of over 40 years, from within the IT and publishing industry.

Conveniently located at Velachery, the hub of Chennai surrounded by IT & ITES companies, reachable easily by own or public transport.

Provide Quality services to customers. Focus on digital publishing, data processing, graphic design, printmaking and digitising, digital image format conversion … Provide services at such a level as to delight the customer; make available our services online.

Our business philosophy has been built into the name DIGIPUB – simply states a concern and a desire to do digital publishing using technology services. We understand the reputation that we built for ourselves is the sum of all the experiences and encouragement from customers and friends throughout our path, we continue our mission. Our approach, at DigiPub, in marketing is focused on relationship development much more than marketing our services and selective products. Being in service, most of the opportunities that we deal with are unique to the customer and to us. We reiterate our growth so far is based on our unfailing relationships and excellent reputation. Please contact us with your requirements.

DigiPub is promoted and managed by tech-savvy and popularly known as ‘Instant’ D.Selvaraj, from within the IT and publishing industry. A business executive with over 40 years of experience co-founded DigiPub, relatively new. Keeps an eye to serve, achieve with high-energy, dynamic vision, drive, and commitment of value to customers consistently exceeding their expectations. He Holds Degree in Economics, Diplomas in ● Business Management ●● Export Management ●●● Programming & Data Analysis; progressively handled challenging positions. A highly accomplished hands-on-person in document processing, digital print publishing, developing websites and manage digital assets. He has proven leadership and strong management skills, excellent communication skills that include speaking at technical symposiums, teaching at university as a guest faculty, training BPO teams. Coordinated with US clients and with India BPO project teams successfully execute projects. He is well networked in social and business circles –

Websites developed and managed.
Recent Clients: Right CLICK on clients’ domain name to view website in a new window.

– Arunai Charitable Trust, Tiruvannamalai –
– Health Care Services, Los Angeles, USA –
– Computer Society of India, Chennai –
– Diabetes Consult, Pyladelphia, USA –
– Diabetes Consult IN, Pyladelphia, USA –
– Digital Publishing –
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– Fairdeal Homes Pvt.Ltd, Chennai  –
– Instant Printers Alumni, Chennai –
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– Kinnaraa Technologies Pte.Ltd, Singapore –
– Mayaa Technologies, Chennai –
– Quality Systems. Co., Bangalore –
– Shri Bhuvaneshwari Jewellers, Mylapore –
– Tyakta – IT Services & Marketing, Hyderabad –
– Wisdom Internationaal Monthly Digest, T.Nagar –

DIGIPUB attracts all cross sections of people, of all ages, to avail “Scanning and digitising of Documents & Photos” service on the spot. Social objective – Preserve any important documents, memorable letters and photos in approved digital format, and in colour.

Month of May: Admissions time in schools and colleges!  Students mark sheets & certificates scanned and also printed (use as Xerox) @ free of charge till June.

Developing Websites

Designing and developing information filled, inquiring, interactive websites

E-commerce Development

E-commerce development catching up. In the process educate customers who go farther to demand aesthetics.

DigiPub strengths

DigiPub's strengths were centered on providing efficient services

Business Development

for marketing and business development also we have been relying on our strengths. But now…


Partnerd with acclaimed Joomla & WordPress global hosting and developer companies.


Register Domain and Hosting space to the website, we develop for our Customers.

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