WordPress powers more than 17% of the web. Simple websites, to corporate websites, DigiPub design and build with WordPress; develop mobile applications.


At the beginning for some time, WordPress has been used mainly as a blogging platform; a personal publishing CMS built on PHP and MySQL. With new updates and versions of WordPress, it has become best for us developing fully functional websites and creating mobile applications. And with this platform constructing information only, Ecommerce, real estate, social and you name it; any website we can develop by customising to specific requirements.

WordPress combines simplicity in user point of view. We find it convenient, flexible and easy-to-use tool. WordPress today features aplenty to implement and build websites, even Ecommerce websites with predominantly rich plugins specific to trade and customise to setup shopping front with products and their prices, payment gateway checkout and more.

WordPress with which best brand websites are developed globally.  It comes with some standard features that are simplicity and flexibility to manage. The customer can learn easily to update or edit contents. WordPress aggressive theme developers combine newer features to apply responsive, full width, parallax effects and with customisation we build visually appealing websites. Sample Themes collage for viewing…

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