Already got a website! For number of reasons, it may be time now for redesigning it. Decide it, right . Think about us, DigiPub. We redesign websites; your business website too can be redone with latest application, with a professional touch. We begin with the redesign by choosing the fonts and the colors. It should engage website visitors, infuse trust, and meet their needs quickly and easily. With our graphic and web design experience, we focus on professionally redoing a new design for modern, easy to navigate, conversion-focused website structured to bring targeted action and results.

Some of possible reasons to pursue a website redesign project:

  • The website is a few years old, the design is outdated and site look cluttered

  • Business focus has shifted and the website do not communicate effectively

  • Looking to add some functionality; require some new design elements

  • Not knowing who made the website earlier, cannot update it anymore

  • Website is not fetching good leads and generating revenue.

Whatever the reason, website redesign may be the answer. Newer design trends and web technologies constantly change. We suggest, consider website redesign every few years.


Example websites from our library; designed and redesigned by us later, on request

Client: Arunai Charitable Trust

2-1 arunai-w700

2 arunai-w700

Diabetes Consult

2 dccom-w700

2 dcin-w700

Need a proposal for your project? If you have a great project (new website or redesign) in mind and are looking for some professional talented web design and developing people to work with then fill in the PROJECT PLANNER Form. We will get back to you very soon to discuss your project and provide you with a custom proposal. Your privacy will be safe with us and your contact detail will never be used for marketing purposes.