We are highly devoted to directing you through the course of website designing and

other SEO services, in a more relaxed and friendly approach.

We have a good knowledge and awareness about the changing world of web design. Our team truly love learning updated web design techniques and are keen about applying best performance to all of our work.

The experience and knowledge we have acquired over the years led us to provide
our clients truthful advice and deliver tangible results online.

DIGIPUB is young firm, working diligently to stay ahead of one of the most challenging economic times. Strive to achieve the goal of uniquely stay positioned  online. Focused on Premium services.

Digital publishing

  • Website designing and developing is our domain. What it costs to build a website. For example, a only information website with 10 pages text and few images cost start at ₹10000/-* and a website like our DigiPub, you are browsing, costs ₹35,000/-* including landing page design. Ecommerce website start at a low cost and it naturally need assessed to estimate. *Terms and conditions apply.
  • Managing websites that we develop, troubleshooting of others websites and resolving most issues and, managing support on our terms.
  • Hosting: Now DigiPub provide total solution; Domain Registration and Hosting plans right here for our clients and new customers, for whom we develop websites. Domain Name and Hosting space registered to customer account. Other customers and designers are welcome to avail our most economical hosting solutions.
  • Partner: We also partner with acclaimed international Hosting companies. And for Joomla and WordPress templates, themes, extensions and plugins partnered with respective Developer companies of repute, most of their products we purchased and use.

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Scanning and Digitising

  • Digitising documents & photos scanned and digitised in government of India approved format. This service is exclusively for households, individuals, professionals in an excellent city of Chennai.
  • Document Scanning! What it all costs?
    Documents, A4 size Scan Cost per page @ Rs.10**
    – We Scan at 600 dpi resolution (You want to know the Scanning formula, Click Here. We shall reply asap. 
    Knowledge: Scanned image resolution must be set to not less than
    – For printing 300 dpi
    – For Photo studio 200 dpi
    – For website 96 to 120 dpi

For large quantity scanning, at high speeds, our pricing is so low** per A4 size document. Corporate enterprises contact us.

**Terms & conditions apply.

Graphic design and printmaking

We create logos, web graphics, Visual arts design, artwork for corporate intranet publications and print production. Our Digital painting or drawing also is a unique original piece of artwork. Our printmaking services include Page makeup and layouts, create images or scan photos and recreate artworks, produce eBooks, conversion of images, PDF, HTML or any format to the other.  Our experience since 1980s and capability is unmatched. Clients of INSTANT PRINTERS 1973 to 2002 Mr.D.Selvaraj value your trusted support, with folded hands. Happy to share few clients continually preferred us to do their work. Hope to see some of you find us now online.

We can be reached just by filling our INQUIRY FORM. We can provide GDP service assessing your details and requirement.

Every of our SERVICE will have our minute attention and care. Contact us.