Troubleshoot and Fixing Support

Website Maintenance and Site Security

The internet is not a safe place; we keep you protected. When DigiPub create customer website, we offer custom annual maintenance plan at very affordable cost that include updates, monthly backups, security updates, tracking and reporting. Contents to update normally come from customers.

Possible Errors in Joomla Websites

Face problems with your website such as blank pages, broken forms, PHP errors, etc. Which is a situation that may make you panic at the beginning; in most such cases we work with you and fix the problem/errors, easier.

In this post you will learn how to troubleshoot some of the common problems and answers; so you (customers) can fix easily. Else leave it to us; professionally we solve issues for reasonable annual cost.

Website issues

Database issues

Malware issues

Insufficient memory

Server-side hosting issues

You may find further cues posted in the Blog page.