part of our Graphic design and printmaking services (the promoter is passionate with for three decades) DIGIPUB is equipped in ‘Scanning and Digitising’ of photos and documents for two objectives: Primary is support service for creating required own digital assets for use in website design. Secondary is a social objective, an offline service to households, individuals, institutions – schools & Colleges, SMEs, large enterprises, banking and insurance businesses.

Some of the Benefits of digitised documents are

  • Digitising is in government of India approved format.

  • Everlasting preservation of susceptible physical documents and or photos

  • Easy storing [on DVD / Pen Drive / website] advantages

  • Enhanced Information security

  • Fast and easy retrieval of digitally saved documents

Other benefits and solutions are:

  • easy portability

  • easy accessibility

  • simple to backup

  • lesser storage & costs

  • improved effective output




Digitised files can be uploaded on to customers’ website or authorised online storage locations for instant online retrieval, anywhere, anytime. Protection of digital assets from disasters such as fire, theft, or water damage, are all important considerations.

DigiPub digitise paper based documents – may it be certificates like school/university grades, degree, birth, letters of memory, property deeds, agreements & settlements, insurances, investments, IT Assessments, PAN and other KYC papers, invoices, warranties and so on. DigiPub is sure to transform the way one manages most frequently needed documents that tend to get misplaced or lose access when required. Once such documents are digitised, the digital documents or images become accessible both on devices of choice and online.