DIGIPUB is here to Care Something Special

To Build Websites; add all the ‘Beauty and Uniqueness’ in it.

For designing a website, we use Joomla or WordPress resources. For great looking design, Joomla CMS has variety of Templates to choose from and WordPress CMS has Themes to select. After selecting what customer prefers or accepts what we suggest, we prototype and develop the website. Every content and preference is given by the customer as we interact to organise inputs. We know the first impression ever lasts making customer happy coming again to extend website feature and functionality.

Websites developed are generally in HTML/CSS / Joomla CMS / WordPress CMS, Drupal CMS. CMS stands for Content Management System, which DIGIPUB adopt to 

develop websites for customers. Joomla and WordPress CMS are widely popular. Joomla or WordPress is installed within 5 minutes. After installing Joomla a raw website is created and for appealing design we need to add a Template and Extensions called components, modules and plugins. Similarly with WordPress, we need to add a Theme for design and some plugins. The add-ons are for extending the design to put contents in place where we want them to be and add features and functionality like photo gallery, a header slider, contact form, text blocks, text columns and more. We find customers are more excited to have their websites uniquely attractive. Then, naturally we have to advise purchase right resource for us to develop their website.

Why Has DigiPub been upcoming fast in building and hosting websites

Because we truly care about our customers and our strength. Clients are satisfied and recommend our services.