We normally develop customer website offline or as our subdomain until approved. The ready go website transferred to customer’s own hosting account. What is Hosting? It is like your owning a house or renting it. You know what all we put inside our house and maintain on a regular basis. Same way for website a space is bought from a Host (We, DigiPub  offer Hosting Plans), for world-wide-web (www) presence. The website may need to be maintained for backups or to update with additional contents. Maintaining and managing is on-going process. The Hosting companies mostly do backup of all websites in their servers as a routine; however it is customer responsibility to take backups. DigiPub undertake to maintain and manage customer’s website on terms.

How to assess your Hosting needs (knowledge sharing to customers)

To get a website up and running; there are a few things you may want to consider before doing so.

Initially, you will want to complete the basic checklist below:

  1. Search your domain(s) of choice to make sure they are available.
  2. Purchase Domain that is available to your liking . Know that the DOMAIN must be renewed every year at cost.
  3. Assess which website hosting product and plan you will need.

After you search for and acquire your domain name, take note of what type of website you want to launch. Website hosting branches typically break down into the following main product categories:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

As a startup with no traffic, you can start with a Shared Hosting plan and move up as your traffic scales up. The beautiful thing about website hosting these days is that it is scalable and inexpensive to start building your web presence. But as your traffic and software requirements grow, so will your overhead and need to upgrade. VPS Hosting or a Dedicated Server will give you more power and resources to run your website more efficiently.

Types of web hosting is on LINUX and WINDOWS operating systems – comes as ‘Linux hosting plans’ and ‘windows hosting plans.’ The types of websites we specialise to develop are on Joomla or WordPress platform and they work on LINUX. Apart from registering domain name, Linux web hosting account too purchased; again renewable every year at cost. The web hosting plans DigiPUB offer is moderately priced; and you choose a right plan to the budget or the optimum space for the website. Ecommerce website demands shopping cart, payment gateway, web security SSL certificate and a right hosting plan.

DigiPub brings you moderate and best Linux Hosting plans. We register customers’ website Domain and Hosting account. If the website size and functionality is complex then we frankly recommend global hosting companies ‘Hostgater’ and ‘SiteGround’ well renowned for their application hosting plans – JOOMLA and WORDPRESS with 24×7 appreciable support.

Upon your (customer) assigning the web development work to DigiPub, we do everything from purchasing the DOMAIN and HOSTING space on behalf of you. Customers have the option to buy themselves. Remember Domain and Linux Hosting plans are right here; look up in the Main Menu above.